Three minutes yoga will make you fit

In a fast-paced life, you do not get time for yourself and in such a situation, your health may have to bear the brunt of it. But, if you are told that you can do yoga even in the midst of all this, then you will be surprised. However, most people think that doing yoga for less than an hour is of no use. But, in reality, if you do yoga for only a few minutes, you can benefit a lot.

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The best part is that doing yoga only for some time benefits you a lot. And there is no problem in fitting it into your everyday life. You can do this anywhere. You can take advantage of this by doing yoga at home, office or even while travelling. This benefits your health a lot.

You can include yoga in your life anytime. There are many ways to do this. You can also make health through the commonly understood stretching. Stretching is also a form of yoga and it helps your body get rid of unnecessary stiffness.

If you are tired or under a lot of stress, then a couple of easy yoga poses can give you relief from it as well as restore your health once again. By doing yoga for some time, you remain healthy and calm throughout the day. Also your energy level is also very high. Your concentration has increased and you are able to do things better. Due to this, your heart also remains healthy and the efficiency of the brain also increases.

Two minute Yoga

Yoga Asanas which can improve your health in a short time. You can do Surya Namaskar during this time. There are 12 asanas in Surya Namaskar, through which your whole body gets exercised. Along with this, you can also do waist and hip stretching. Although you cannot do Surya Namaskar during the journey, but stretching can be done. During office and travel, you have to sit in one place for a long time, due to which there is stiffness in the muscles. Stretching removes this stiffness and at the same time reduces the risk of muscle injury.