Practising Linga Mudra gives many benefits, these 7 problems including cold and cough are removed

Doing yoga is beneficial for health in many ways. Along with this, there are many such hand postures, by practising which relief can be found in many diseases of the body. The special thing about hand mudras is that you can do them anywhere and at any time. One such mudra is Linga Mudra, which is beneficial for health in many ways. Linga Mudra is a pose in which both the palms are interlocked. This enables them to concentrate and maintain their flow within the body. In this, the focus is on the thumb and the thumb symbolises the fire element in the human body. Linga mudra works to strengthen the fire element. Linga mudra is also like yoga, in which one has to meditate. Practising Linga Mudra increases positive energy in the body, mind and body. It helps to calm the mind.

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Practising Linga Mudra, energy is transmitted in the body. Along with removing the problems of cold, cold etc., it provides many health benefits. In this article, we are telling the benefits of Linga Mudra and how to do it.

How is the practice of Linga Mudra beneficial for health:

  • Lungs remain healthy by practising linga mudra, due to which the practice of this mudra is very useful in serious problems like asthma, tuberculosis.
  • It helps to eliminate excess kapha present in the body.
  • Its practice removes the problem of constipation, women’s periods are regular and also helps in weight loss.
  • The practice of linga mudra works as an effective treatment in problems like sinus. Along with this, it also helps in getting rid of problems like low BP, paralysis, allergies.
  • Practising linga mudra helps in preventing the build-up of kapha in the body and strengthens the lungs. Also the lungs get energy.
  • Its practice gets rid of problems like cold and cough and helps in reducing heartburn or infection.
  • Lung related problems are removed and the lungs are healthy.
  • Practising linga mudra raises the body temperature which can lead to a feeling of heat and sweat from the body even in cold weather.

How to practice Linga Mudra:

Linga Mudra can be done very easily, you need some calm environment to do it. You should do this only in a calm, clean environment.

  • To do this mudra, first of all, lay down a yoga mat in a calm environment.
  • Sit on this in Siddhasana.
  • Close both your eyes. During this, focus on your breath.
  • After this, bring your left hand near the stomach and keep the right hand on it with a fist.
  • Now keep your thumb straight. Focus on this.
  • You can stay in this posture for 10-15 minutes.
  • Linga Mudra can be done at any time in the morning and evening.