Hotel Management Course Information – Fees, Jobs, Salary & Career Options

Hotel Management Course Information – What is a Hotel Management Course? How much is the fee? What are the career options? Thus the full information of the Hotel Management Course is given here. With the rapid growth of the hotel industry, there are many career options available to students who want to pursue a hotel management course. What will they have to do?

Hotel Management Course Hotel Management Fees and Salary after 12th

Which are the hotel management courses that can get better jobs after 10th or 12th, what are the career options in this field? What jobs can be done after doing a hotel management course and how much is the salary. If you want to get complete information about Hotel Management, then definitely read this article completely.

Full information of hotel management is given here. How long is the hotel management course after 10th or 12th? How much is the fee and job salary of this course? What is the Hotel Management Entrance Exam? Thus, if you want to do a hotel management course, then this information is very useful for you.

Hotel Management Course Information

The hotel management course covers the hospitality sector including customer support, cooking, front office management, personality development and communication skills. During this course you are taught how to talk to people, how to provide your services, manage hotels well etc.

By taking a hotel management course, you can start a better career in this field. One can do a certificate, diploma or graduation course in hotel management. The fees for which vary depending on the course and specialisation. You can do a certificate or diploma course in hotel management after 10th.

What is hotel management course

Under the Hotel Management course, students are taught all the things which are needed in the hospitality industry. If told in simple language, a hotel management course is taught to manage the hotel well, how to talk to people, satisfy the guest of the hotel with its services, catering services etc.

Eligibility Criteria for doing Hotel Management Course

The eligibility criteria vary according to the level of the course in Hotel Management. Students can pursue various levels of Hotel Management such as Certificate Course, Diploma Course, Undergraduate Course or Post Graduation and even PhD in Hotel Management.

  • To do a Bachelor’s degree course in Hotel Management, the student should have passed 10+2. However, certificate diploma courses in hotel management can be done even after 10th.
  • A student must have at least 50% marks in 10+2 to take admission in any level course in Hotel Management. However, there are some institutes which give admission even on 45% marks.
  • One can do a certificate or diploma course after 10th in a hotel management course. So if you want to do this course after 10th. So you can take admission in such an institute, where the minimum qualification is high school.
  • Students of any stream (Science, Arts or Commerce) can do hotel management courses.
  • If you want to do post graduation in Hotel Management. So the student should have completed graduation in Hotel Management.
  • To do a hotel management course from a good government college, one has to qualify the entrance exam, private institutes conduct their own entrance test.

To do a hotel management course, the student should have good communication skills, small and big problem solving skills and skills like communication with people. Because the admission process of many institutes includes Group Discussion and Aptitude Test.

Best Hotel Management Course in India 2022

There are many courses available in Hotel Management at different levels. You can do a diploma or degree course in hotel management depending on the eligibility criteria and career option. Here the courses in hotel management after 10th and courses after 12th have been told.

Best hotel management course after 12th

To make a better career in Hotel Management, you should have at least 12th pass. Due to the rapidly developing hotel management sector, many career opportunities are available in it. But to make a career in this field, it is necessary for you to have mandatory qualification. After 12th one can choose a better career by doing the following hotel management courses.

The hotel management course list after 12th includes Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, BBA in Hotel Management, B.A. in Hotel Management, BBA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Diploma in Hotel Management etc.

Which hotel management courses can be done after 10th

If you have good communication skills and want to start a career in hotel management only after 10th standard. So you have to choose such courses for which the minimum qualification is 10th certificate.

Let us know which are the courses that after 10th one can hope for a better career in hotel management. As we have said earlier that after 10th, only certificate or diploma course can be done in hotel management.

Hotel Management Diploma courses after 10th class include Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Front Office Management, Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management, Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology etc. You can start a career by doing diploma courses.

We can also start a career in management by doing a certificate course in hotel management after 10th. Certificate courses include Certificate in Food and Beverage Production, Certificate in Front Office Operation, Certificate in Housekeeping and Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management etc.

Hotel Management Course Duration

The duration of the Hotel Management course depends on the specialisation chosen by the student and the type of course. Generally the duration of a Diploma course in Hotel Management is 6 months to 1 year. Whereas the duration of the graduate level course is 3 to 4 years. It also depends on which institute and country you are doing the course from.

How long is the hotel management course after 12th?

Here the duration of some popular courses in Hotel Management is being mentioned such as Diploma in Hotel Management 1 year, BBA in Hotel Management 3 to 4 years, b.a. in International Hotel and Tourism Management 3 to 4 years, Bachelor in International Hotel Management 3 to 4 years, B.Sc in Hotel Management and Catering 3 to 4 years. Get information about the specific duration of the course from the institute.

How much is the fee for hotel management course

As mentioned earlier, you can do various level (certificate, diploma, graduation, post graduation) courses in hotel management. Based on this, the fee for the hotel management course is also determined. The fee for a hotel management course depends on the specialisation and type of course chosen by the student as well as the college or institute.

How much does it cost to do a hotel management course

The average fee for a certificate course in hotel management is eight to ₹ 10000. And the fee for diploma courses is 10 to ₹ 20000. It may be more or less in different colleges. If you want to do a Bachelor degree course in Hotel Management. So its average fee is 1 to ₹ 300000. Or it can be more depending on the selected specialisation.

What is the salary after hotel management course

One can start a career in government and private sector by taking various level courses in hotel management, after certificate course in hotel management, the average salary ranges from ₹ 1.5 lakh to ₹ 300000 per year, the average annual salary after diploma course is two. From ₹ 400000. After Bachelor’s degree course in Hotel Management, the annual salary of the candidate is 5 to 1000000 rupees.

After a hotel management course, the salary of the candidate depends on the type of job, job profile and experience. Everest Ali can earn 8 to 1200000 rupees after a master degree course in hotel management.

Top Entrance Exam in India for Hotel Management Course

To get admission in the top hotel management college in India, you have to score good marks in the entrance exam. Top Hotel Management Colleges conduct the entrance exam (entrance test) either by themselves or through the organisation. You can take admission in a hotel management course by preparing for these exams.

Hotel Management Entrance Exam –

  • BIT Mesra hotel management entrance exam

Career Options in Hotel Management

With the rapid development of the hotel management sector, a lot of employment opportunities are available in this sector. After doing a hotel management course, you can get a job in big companies on different job profiles. Big hotels are getting opened in this industry. In which you can find job opportunities.

Hotel Management Job Profile

You know what can be the job profile of a candidate after doing a Hotel Management course. in which he works. Your salary depends on your job profile.

  • hotel manager
  • front office Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Restaurants and Food Service Manager
  • housekeeping manager
  • Chef
  • floor supervisor
  • sales manager
  • Banquet Manager